5 Online Websites for YouTube to MP3 conversion

Everyone on this planet loves listening to songs and we all need it in our cell phones and in our iPods as well. It has now become an addiction, as we need it while traveling, exercising or while just doing nothing.

There are many websites and software’s available to do the YouTube to Mp3 conversion but here are 5 best websites you can use to download any YouTube file into an audio one.


  1. Listen to YouTube:

The first one is Listen to youtube.com, it is one of the most convenient YouTube to Mp3 conversion website. The best thing about this website is that it is fast, free and has no extra requirements.

  1. Dirpy:

It is another website for YouTube to Mp3 download. Its conversion process is exactly the same as the other conversion websites. You cannot only download now audio, but with this website you can also download the videos and that too of great quality.

  1. Xenra:

It is another free and reliable website, which you can use for YouTube to mp3 download. It enables you to get your favorite songs in your smartphones, by easily converting them into Mp3 file. You just have to copy paste the link and press the download button, rest of the work it will do it itself.

  1. YouTube Mp3 Dot TV:

It is another phenomenal resource to convert the YouTube to mp3 files. It is absolutely free and it gives you an option to download the file in two qualities. You can choose the high one or the normal one, totally depends on you. You can also use this website to download the YouTube videos, it is great in that as well.

  1. YouTube to Mp3:

This is the last but not the least YouTube to Mp3 conversion website. It is an Australia based company, which allows you to convert YouTube to Mp3 downloads and that too for free.